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Whether you are looking for a coach to support you in achieving your professional goals so you may feel confident making bolder business moves or you are looking for support in achieving a personal life in which you are living as your authentic self. An experienced, certified coach will support you in the endeavors you seek, business or personal.

At SFG HR Strategies, we let you define whether you want to label our support for you as executive coaching or life coaching. We support you in focusing on who you are, what you want, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. The choice is always yours.

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You are the CEO of YOU!

You decide whether you are living your life authentically by pursuing a career as an executive or whether you want to focus on your personal life to find a balance between who you are and what you do.

We provide solutions for the growth you seek.

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Client Testimonials

This is what some of our clients told us about their experience and the results they achieved from it.

Thank you for coaching me to have what I say are “difficult conversations“ and seeing the opportunities in them. I appreciate you! -Heather

Suffering from a disability with chronic nerve and muscle pain also leads to depression and a negative outlook to the quality of life. After using Sheila as a life coach, my outlook has changed tremendously. Knowing that we cannot do anything about the pain, Sheila helped me to be aware of the emotions that I can control and gave me a much clearer view on life. With my self-awareness heightened I am able to control my feelings and not let my physical disability control how I live my life. I’ve become happier with myself and my family has benefited from this. We are living a much happier life thanks to Sheila. She is a very good listener, makes you feel comfortable in talking about any issue, and approaches every situation with professionalism and care. But you don’t have to be suffering from something to need Sheila ‘s coaching. Having Sheila as a life coach can easily take you from being good to being great. -Nils

Ten years ago, I was working at a job I didn’t like with a boss who I couldn’t stand. Thankfully, I had a great friend there who would listen to me complain. I had a bachelors degree in a different field and had already gotten my pre-requisite classes to start nursing school. But, going to nursing school meant quitting the job that paid me a good salary. I had a 3-year-old and husband. My family counted on my income.

I spoke to my amazing coworker turned friend, Sheila, many times about going to nursing school and, of course, the fears I faced along with that dream. I told her it always seemed that God was leaving hints for me to follow this dream. Sheila always coached and challenged me to follow my dream and trust my gut. She asked me what would happen if I didn’t pursue my dream. She told me, if you really believe God is leaving hints – stop questioning it! Take a leap of faith and TRUST God and yourself!

Not too long after one of our talks, Sheila set up a training course on positive team building and being your best self. During that class she seemed to be speaking direct to me. After the course, her words came flooding into my mind over and over again.

I looked around and knew this was definitely not the team I was going to grow with. I called my husband halfway through the training and told him I was going to go back to nursing school at the end of the year. I was taking a LEAP!

Fast forward 9 years later and I am loving my career as a registered nurse. The leap of faith I took wouldn’t have happened without my beautiful friend, Sheila, coaching me and giving me a much needed nudge to take a leap of faith and trust that the universe would catch me so I could live my best life without regrets.

I keep in touch with her to this day and am more thankful she is my friend every time we see each other. Nothing seems to sum up how much she has supported me in changing my life.

As a side note, Sheila has also helped two other amazing women through me. I gave them the same encouraging words she gave to me. They have both taken leaps of faith which have changed their lives for the better.